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01.06 11:55 - Get your customers to NEED YOU
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Get your customers to NEED YOU*


*Example of a blog post for an imaginary CEO of Marketing agency

Hello! What a pleasure to see you here! My name is John Doe and I am a CEO of XXX. If you are reading this then you’ve already taken the most important step in the journey of fulfillment – to start a business! Welcome to Five-Minute-Marketing-Makeover (5MMM) – the simple formula for your success. Each of my sets of know-how videos will take you up to 5 minutes a day. The time to prepare yourself a quick breakfast. Why don’t we prepare food for your business together and feed it everyday to a healthy growth? Excited? If your answer is YES, then read further.


Quick and simple! 5MMM will take your business sky-rocket high in no time. All you have to do is watch three videos in about 5 minutes every day. No more spending unthinkable scales of budget in marketing. Just top-notch goals and solutions – custom tailored for you and your business needs. I will serve you with the best practices, proven in time with very practical value.


Do you remember every billboard you came across while traveling? No? That is impossible. Don’t just put your business in one of these billboards. Don’t waste time and money on creating just a beautiful package for your business within an amazing designer website. Give your customer true value for less spent in marketing. Put your personal value in display. Let’s be honest! And people will understand and cherish that.


Agencies would take the time to investigate your business and they will bring you an amazing website! They are strong professionals – no doubt in that. That’s how just things are. But do they really see you? Do they try walking in your shoes and extract the most important message from you to convey it to your ideal customer? Now, I doubt that. Not to mention the price for this jewel. Is this website really working? Or you would rather just put it on the wall to admire it? Or on a billboard along the driveway.  I suggest you don’t just present yourself, but take some action!


My main goal - to get you more sales! The real persuasion might not be in an aesthetic website, but in the words and the message that get to your potential customer. Have you ever bought a product online only after reading the reviews? Now here’s what we’re talking about! Be that review for your own business! And do it every day! Let’s be honest again – Amazon is not the most beautiful website on Earth, is it? But do they sell like crazy… Their customers read the descriptions and the reviews and make decisions of buying over them. That is real action. Be that review for your own business! And do it every day!


We are here to make you the maximum of profit with the minimum expenses! Just three videos. Just 5 minutes. Everyday. Let’s find your strongest value and put it a simple message for everyone to see and understand. And only after that we will put it in a nice packaging and make a website around it. A shiny packaging might sell ones, but the content in it will bring customers back whatever the looks. The website would be our weapon, but the idea, content and marketing are our real ammunition. When we manage to get all of them right, then we can scale to the unmeasurable. Sky"s the limit! A growing business with a clear message. Let’s do it just three short videos a day.  


In this first video we have the question: How can you make more sales every day? Easy! With simple communication. Don’t confuse people and turn them off. That’s only your loss. Everyone should understand you.


The human brain is always trying to conserve calories and survive. His task is to keep you alive mostly. We have to scan our environment all the time. Now in a first world economy, we"ve probably got food and shelter and thank goodness we"ve got all that stuff down. And so we move on to more evolved, ways of surviving and thriving. That is social relationships, gaining status, organizing my time, being more efficient, associating with a TRIBE. These are all survival mechanisms and it"s the dominant function of the brain. These are all survival mechanisms and it"s the dominant function of the brain.


This means you have to communicate to people something they need to survive! Or they won’t be interested. Remember, that"s the dominant thing they"re looking for. How can you help me survive and thrive? So when you go talking about how your grandfather started the company, or you"re trying to increase your great places to work metric and all these things that you"re so excited about, they"re scanning that information. Wondering is this going to help me? When they go to your website, they can read all about you all day. They"re not going to be interested because the fact that your company is a hundred years old years old, doesn"t help them survive and thrive. We"ve got to communicate to them about how they will survive and thrive and how we can help them do that.


Except survival, the second thing the brain is doing is also very important. And it"s trying to conserve calories. Your brain burns about 600 calories a day. And if you have to study or take the bar exam or attend the class, it"s going to burn 800 calories a day or a thousand calories a day. You"re going to be exhausted at the end of the day, your brain is always burning calories. Now, imagine if you didn"t have this mechanism in your brain that said, Hey, we"re burning too many calories on random information here. We need to stop thinking about this and start thinking about something that will help us survive and thrive. If you didn"t do that, your life would be meaningless. In fact, you"d walk into a Starbucks and pick up a pound of coffee and you"d look at that packaging and you"d say,


Oh, you know, I wonder if this was sealed with glue or if this was stitched or how do they package this together? Where do they come from? How do they print on this? What feels like metal, but it"s actually also paper. Your brain would just go just into information that you don"t need. That"s not what happens. Your brain actually says,  I DON’T NEED THAT. We are here to help you get people to NEED YOU! Not your competitors.


Nobody has to burn any calories to understand us. I want you to think about your website right now. Are you communicating about things that help your customers survive and thrive? Or are you making a huge mistake and only talking about yourself and your company? People are not interested in your story. They"re interested in their own. We have to tell them how we can help them survive and thrive and do so without using inside or confusing language.


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